Presenting a strategic marketing team as passionate about your business as you are



Our team understand that as a business owner, CEO or Marketing Director, you want to drive your business forward so we take the time to understand why you do what you do.

We get to the heart of your business in order to tailor marketing plans and events that are aligned with your corporate objectives, the product or service you offer, your target audiences and, most importantly, your budget. And we do all this from our offices in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter.

We don’t have bean bags and we don’t have a pool table but we do have a team of dedicated professionals that get on with the task at hand and always with a smile.

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"DRIVE have ideas that are realised with a quality, personal delivery"

Gareth Doodes | Headmaster
Dover College


To our clients, we are the ‘safe pair of hands’ that, simply put, gets the job done.

If you need help with a stand-alone project or event, or need the ongoing support of an external marketing department, we can help.

Whether you are looking to build a business to sell on, creating a brand from scratch or reshaping an organisation to make it the very best it can be, we can help by providing strategic support, marketing solutions and events of the highest standard.

Make it DRIVE

A marketing agency based in Folkestone, Kent and London, as passionate about your business as you are.

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