Every Wednesday, we're inviting individuals and businesses to book one of our social media workshops. These bespoke sessions are tailored to you and the industry in which you work and are open to newbies or those looking to top up existing knowledge.

Our 1-2-1 social media workshops will address those burning social media-related questions and will cover your pick of the topics below!

We allow up to 2 hours for each workshop, giving an intensive relevant session on up to three of the topics below for just £125.

Or, if you're looking to learn it all, why not book a series of three workshops, to cover all ten topics for a reduced rate of £375.

Grow your know-how: We use your own social media platforms to deliver our training – and give you essential take-home skills to implement and develop.

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  • Setting Up

    Optimising a business profile for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or other (Max three)

  • Basics

    Tips on uploading, sharing content, tagging users and using hashtags

  • Analytics

    How to measure social media success and act on it

  • Customer Engagement

    Learn the importance of engagement rates, instant messaging and user-generated content

  • Advertising

    Budgets and bids, target audiences, optimisation and remarketing

  • Content types

    What’s right for your business – stories, carousels, canvases, gifs, live video and more

  • Copyright

    General rules of using social media as a business

  • Creative Tips & Tricks

    Introduction to free creative apps that will help get your business noticed

  • Content Management

    Introduction to social media scheduling software to make your workload easier

  • Influencers

    Using social media influencers to boost your brand

Watch as we explain, in just 60 seconds, why you need to book a Social Media Workshop with us!

"I am a franchise owner of a small business which needed a boost, I knew that social media marketing was incredibly powerful but I didn't seem to be hitting the right spot. I was aware that I was spending far too much time on social media without doing anything particularly productive so wanted some help to streamline my efforts

Bethany and Demelza were so welcoming and immediately put me at ease. Their presentation was easy to follow and very informative. They helped me to set up an account so that I could easily schedule my social media activity and taught me how to tweak my posts to be more appropriate for the different social media platforms. They showed me how to make my social media activity fun to grab people's attention and gain engagement through stories, polls and opening myself to answer questions.

Following their guidance I placed a paid advert which got me a great amount of engagement including questions and direct messages. I had not had the confidence to do this before.

I would thoroughly recommend using this service if you wish to get a better understanding of how to market your business using social media"

- Naomi Wills, Franchise Owner